Covid is not a piece of cake

Connect body and mind

Know (and manage) limitations

  • In drawing the American States, a border was changed specifically to give Pennsylvania access to the waterway system of the Great Lakes.
  • Russia will not hesitate to deploy its army to protect the exclave of Kaliningrad and thus maintain a strategic position in Europe and access to the Baltic Sea.
  • The EU’s initiatives to unify national airspaces so as to cut flights costs and reduce emissions for all of Europe were paralysed for more than two decades because Spain and the UK wouldn’t agree on who owned 500 metres of the isthmus of Gibraltar.

Improve self-control

  • Time management. First, we gain a lot of time by not having to concern ourselves with procuring meals plus not having to stop to actually eat them; interruptions are productivity killers. Second, a wonderful synergy takes place when we are immersed in important work because, ideally, to make fasting easier we should prepare a list of things to do to keep our minds busy. But even with something as simple as being on a tight schedule and needing to skip a meal. When one is rushing to get things done (work, travelling, chores, whatever), being able to skip an upcoming meal to gain time feels like a superpower.
  • Avoiding bad food choices. When we find ourselves in a situation where there are only unhealthy and/or expensive foods.
  • Gaining an advantage (or cancelling another person’s). Like anything else we learn to do, being comfortable fasting will give us an edge over those who haven’t acquired that skill, when we need to perform, be it a negotiation, sporting competition, interview, karaoke or whatever. I wish I had kept a list of all the important people about whom I’ve read that they always scheduled business meetings before lunch and then extended them so the other party would be starving and gladly sign whatever was put in front of them.

Reset the hedonic treadmill (and thus increase pleasure)

Break with conventions

Become freer





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Pandemic Ponderings

Pandemic Ponderings

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