Food for Covid thoughts

Body (re)builders

Corpore sano et mens sana

  • Thoughts. Our thoughts are an internal dialogue of the brain with itself and dialogue requires language. Without words we cannot describe any complex concept or idea. And since every language has a different structure and uses different words, the language we speak literally determines the ideas we are able to form and thus the way we think. It follows that each culture will give more importance to certain concepts than others. For example, some cultures don’t have words for numbers, so those people cannot express specific quantities, they just say “one” or “many.” Thus, it is totally impossible for them to even conceive the idea of accumulating wealth or wasting time, arguably the two notions that cause the most stress for 99% of the world’s population.
  • Beliefs. Every single culture in the world protects certain animals (adorable pets, endangered heritage or even sacred embodiments of the gods), while exterminating other animals (disgusting pests, filthy creatures or harmful vermin), and also using other animals (as food, resource producers, slave labour and even entertainment). But the fascinating thing is that the creatures in each category change completely from one culture to another, depending on the beliefs that those cultures’ brains were raised on. So, since they determine what we do and don’t eat, our beliefs literally determine our body’s composition.

The Problems

Pawel Kuczynski

Addiction = Thought Manipulation

In-Shadow — L. Arsov

Obesity = Cognitive Overload

Sickness = Mental Health

In-Shadow — L. Arsov

The Solutions

1 Consume real ideas (not emotions)

2 Not too many

3 Mostly books


  • Freedom (all platforms). Block distracting websites and apps.
  • Rescue Time (all platforms). Track your time on all devices.
  • Space (iOS, Android, Chrome). Track your smartphone use.
  • StayFocusd (Chrome). Block distracting websites.
  • Distraction Free YouTube (Chrome). Block the recommended video list.




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Pandemic Ponderings

Pandemic Ponderings

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